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Supporting Young Men With Their Educational Attainment

Cosmos has recently completed a programme commissioned by the SUN NCOP network, which took us into 7 schools in Portsmouth. Over a 3 month period, from January to March 2019 the programme was delivered to 11 cohorts of young men, to support their educational attainment. This was achieved through working on elements of self belief & confidence as well as attitude towards education.

Over a series of 3 workshops, students understood how to apply the theory of marginal gains based on a number of themes. Marginal Gains – the theory, practice and application to their life and education. Goal Setting – understanding the theory and how to apply the principles in a practical way. Resilience & Growth Mind-Set – supporting young people to become more resilient learners.

We’re now looking forward to commencing the second phase of this project working in further schools, in collaboration with SUN.

Hear more about the impact of this programme.

“Sean, a massive thank you for delivering completely brilliant workshops. I am so excited about this project and watching the boys make these small, positive changes.

Absolutely loved the workshops this week – the boys were buzzing and have talked about it non-stop to all their teachers. I’ve had a fair few comments from staff about it. Love this programme and everything it stands for.”

Louise Halford, St Edmund’s Catholic School


Author: Cosmos

Date: 20.03.19

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