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Our Insight & Impact Evaluation Services


We work alongside the Education, Public and Social Care sectors to deliver insightful, robust and impactful Research and Evaluation programmes. These deliver meaningful insights that help inform strategic decision-making.


In addition to this, we also specialise in Youth Research techniques and are experienced in engaging Gen-z as research participants.

Public & Social Care Sectors

We have significant experience working within these sectors and are invested in delivering projects that make positive changes in, and have a positive impact on, people’s lives.


“Cosmos have proven themselves to be a highly skilled professional company who work with dedication and enthusiasm towards meeting their client’s brief”

Emily Rozier – Head of Funding, Graduation and Awards. University of Birmingham

Student & HE Insights

We help the HE sector understand key drivers in the student market, delivering actionable insights in:

  • Student Recruitment: what are the motivations to choose an institution as first choice?
  • Student Experience: what are the real satisfaction drivers and how do these align to the NSS?
  • Student Retention: what are the key non-continuation indicators? How can we reduce the non-continuation rate?
  • Sector Trends: how do our courses perform in relation to our key competitors? Is there a market for our new course?

Impact Evaluation of access and outreach activities

We work with Access / Widening Participation teams and Uni Connect consortia, to robustly evaluate and measure the effectiveness and impact of outreach initiatives through interrogative primary and secondary impact research methods.


Using key theoretical frameworks such as the Theory of Change, NERUPI and Kirkpatrick models, we anchor our Impact Evaluation programmes on current guidance and best practice.


Read about our Impact Case Studies, for the Aimhigher West Midlands Uni Connect Consortia.

Core services

Our Approach and Methods

Qualitative. Quantitative. Accurate Advanced Analytics.

We carefully craft our approach around your needs. By using a variety of methodologies in both our primary and secondary research programmes, we deliver insights that answer questions, measure impact and guide strategic decision-making.

Delivering insights that have impact

We understand the importance of effective presentation and dissemination of key insights when seeking buy-in from key stakeholders. This is why our outputs are visually engaging and focus on actionable recommendations.

Examples of our outputs include:

– Data visualisation
– Dashboards
– Infographics
– Film
– Motion graphics
– Exhibitions
– Collaborative workshops & debriefs

Our Partners & Clients