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Southampton Football Club, Cosmos Training Community Mentors

The Cosmos team has been busy enjoying the last two days at Southampton Football club, and not just for pleasure! We’ve recently been commissioned by the SUN NCOP network to deliver a Train-the-Trainer, 2 day course for our Marginal Gains Programme. This is an incredibly exciting and innovative initiative, it will mean even more young people in the UK can benefit from this unique 3 part programme. We have now licensed the materials & programme and the Community Mentors and SUN staff are already looking forward to delivering in schools and colleges.

Cosmos has thoroughly enjoyed delivering on all aspects of the training, focusing on how to effectively engage with under-represented groups of young people. As well as delivering sessions on the Theory of Marginals Gains and its application to education, we have also delivered sessions on the process of setting SMART Goals. This was facilitated in an innovative and engaging way through looking at all aspects of Growth Mind-Set and supporting young people to be more resilient learners.

Hear what our Managing Director Sean Dirrane had to say.

“I think this is a really forward thinking initiative, we have delivered our Marginal Gains programme for a number of years and we know through the research & evaluation we’ve done in this area and in evaluating the programme, that it’s really impactful for our young people. For this group of young men particularity, we know that building confidence and self belief really drives attitude and in turn intention to progress in their education, that is what this programme focuses on. Thanks to the SUN team, it’s been a really great collaboration in delivering our programme in Portsmouth.”

Author: Cosmos

Date: 12.02.19

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