Future Leaders Programme

Future Leaders Programme

This innovative leadership programme helps equip students with the skills, knowledge and confidence to become more effective leaders.

Through individual and group activities which are blended with reflective sessions, students will begin to understand the type of leader they are. They will also understand how they can become effective leaders, how they best learn and how this learning can be applied to education and their future career.

This programme can be facilitated in a number of different formats and venues inc. residential and non-residential activity, usually ranging from a 1/2 – 2 day programme.


Our programmes are also developed to support schools and colleges to achieve the following Gatsby Benchmarks: 2 – 3 – 7 – 8.


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Year groups: 9 – 13

Duration: 1/2 – 2 day

No. of students: 50+ depending on the capacity of your facilities.

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