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Engage provides you with the tools to deliver engaging and impactful education to your learners. You now have access to a library of interactive programs, workshops, Toolkits, resources, and training to build capacity, improve learning outcomes, and provide your learners with memorable educational experiences.


With over two decades of experience developing and delivering impactful educational programmes for young people, we are confident Engage will support you to enhance the skills, confidence and resilience needed for their educational and career success.



We have several licence options available, depending on your needs:


Engage Educate – The package for those that want to facilitate ALL our programmes and workshops to learners directly.


Engage Learner – The package designed to empower learners to take control of their own education. It grants access to our Student Toolkits and the Learner Management Hub.


Engage Connect – This package includes both Engage Educate & Engage Learner, granting FULL access to Engage, its content and features.


Engage Community – Grants access to Engage and many if its features, including some deliverable content. Ideal if you’re wanting to explore Engage before the selecting the package that’s right for your needs.

Further details of our Engage licences:

  • 1 year licence
  • Content ready to deliver – including resources
    • 5 Programmes (3hrs + each)
    • 12 Effective Skills workshops (1hr each)
  • Taster and Bitesize modules of each workshop (10 & 20 min) 
  • Cosmos Assisted Flagship Programmes
    • video & audio content of Cosmos staff delivering sections to help support delivery
  • Comprehensive training materials to support your delivery
  • x12 Student Toolkits
    • Gamified & enhanced engagement versions of our workshops
    • Allows learners to take control of own self-directed learning, at their own pace
    • No resources needed
    • Saves learner progress to stop & pick up anytime
    • Student Certificates upon completion
  • Learner Management Hub
    • Assign Toolkits to your learners
    • Access to analytics & reporting which capture learner progress, completion and performance
    • Nudge system to give learners a push to complete
  • Credit system
    • For allocating Toolkits. 1 credit = 1 ability to send
  • Continuously updated content and features
  • Access to community of practitioners and educators
  • Ongoing support for duration of licence

Year groups: Pre & Post 16

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