Developing Mindful Mentors

Developing Mindful Mentors

This programme is facilitated in a Train-the-Trainer format, within which young people will be equipped with mentoring skills.


This includes giving learners a strong understanding of what is required to become a successful mentor and learning how they can apply these skills to begin founding positive mentor/mentee relationships.

Students will understand the concept of mentoring and gain the skills to effectively mentor, as well as learning the importance of building rapport and how to establish positive relationships over a longer mentor/mentee relationship.

Our Developing Mindful Mentors programme can be facilitated as a one-off mentoring training session or as part of a wider more sustainable and impactful mentoring programme.


Our programmes are also developed to support schools and colleges to achieve the following Gatsby Benchmarks: 2 – 3 – 7 – 8.


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Year 9 – 13 & Staff CPD

Duration: 1 hr workshop or as a half/full day programme.

No. of students: 10 – 50.

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