Against the Odds

Against the Odds

Our Against the Odds motivational talks currently focus on the life experience of our Managing Director, Sean Dirrane.


The talk aims to support aspirations and raise motivation and confidence of the audience, through exploring the life story of Sean, who has faced significant challenges and adversity in his life. Against all odds, Sean has achieved success in education, sport and business despite facing adversity and challenges throughout his life, in particular his early childhood.


Our uplifting and inspiring talks can be tailored and delivered across a number of different audiences.

Sean’s story is often seen as an inspiring one. He shares the challenges he faced and the adversity he’s had to overcome in his life.


From being born on a small island just off the coast of Ireland, to living in poverty, homelessness, moving to England as a child and been moved into foster care all before the age of 11. To becoming a professional athlete, going to university and now owning multiple successful businesses.


Sean speaks about the skills he’s built in his life and offers advice on how to overcome challenges, not in spite of adversity, but because of it.


This talk can be tailored according to the age of audience and is delivered in an interactive format to engage all students, young people or staff.


Watch a snippet of Sean’s story here!


Our Against the Odds Motivational Talk supports schools and colleges to achieve the following:

Gatsby Benchmarks:  1 – 3 – 5 – 8

NERUPI Themes: A – C


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All year groups & Staff CPD

Duration: 30 mins – 1 hr.

No. of students: 100+ depending on the capacity of your facilities.

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